Agent Testimonials | Dianna and Harvey Kinnard - Managers
Dianna Kinnard Broker/Manager

Dianna Kinnard Broker/Manager


 The College Blvd. Office. A Success Environment.

11100 Antioch Rd. | Overland Park, KS 66210



 "With more than 50 years combined Real Estate experience, it is a pleasure to come to work at the office each and every day, because we have the very best managing broker one could ever ask for.

Dianna Kinnard is not only caring, knowledgeable and motivating, but runs a highly efficient office. It is a joy to be associated with Dianna and her office. Our staff is exemplary and proficient in all aspects of our business from reception to administration.

Our agents...what a great group! They are genial and we operate like a big family, always ready to help one another."

Ron Silverman & Wynne Weaver


"I guess the best way to respond to "...Why Dianna..." would be to say that a leader/manager is someone that does not need to be in the spotlight but shines nonetheless by his or her ability to bring out the best in those around them. They recognize greatness in others and do everything in their power to help them achieve it. Such a leader leads by example in all things and recognizes that each member of the team, no matter what his or her role is an integral part of any success and thus they are treated no differently than others, thus an inspiration causing them to want to work to the success of all. A quiet strength to all. Fairness, honesty and integrity earning loyalty. These attributes create the environment within which we all aspire to be our best."

                                                    Twyla Rist


 "The office of Reece And Nichols at 11100 Antioch is an extremely supportive office to work in. We are so fortunate to have a broker, Dianna Kinnard, who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is willing to impart that knowledge to her agents. In this highly competitive business our office is unique because our agents are there for each other willing to help and share in all capacities. Last, but not least, is our incredible office staff who makes it all happen for us." 
Alice Grossman



"Dianna was the first and only Broker I interviewed with after obtaining my license in 2003. Her energy and enthusiasm made me realize that this was the office I wanted to join. I have never regretted making the choice to join not only Reece And Nichols because of the name recognition and all the tools that the company has to assist in making agents successful but the College Blvd. office as well. The agents in this office are always willing to share ideas that are working for them, they always have time for a question or will help with price opinions. This office is truly a team in every sense of the word...Dianna always makes sure that when new technology becomes available that our office is one of the first to have a class so that we are all on board right away. Dianna is always just a phone call or email away...I can't tell you the number of times that I have had a question on a Sunday, holiday, late at night, etc. and I can ALWAYS count on Dianna to get back with me right away. Dianna is one of the most ethical persons I know...her integrity and passion for real estate is contagious and it is evident the minute you walk into this office. Our support staff is amazing they are always willing to go the extra mile for all of the agents in our office. My success as an agent is due to the team effort that our office has...I can't imagine working anywhere else...the support system from Dianna, the staff, and all of the agents in our office makes my job as a real estate agent virtually painless."

Collette Fultz



“Why Dianna? Because she operates with the utmost integrity, a quality that is extremely important to me and she encourages a cooperative atmosphere as opposed to a competitive one. I have met with other brokers. I wouldn’t consider hanging my license with them. The support, camaraderie, and synergy of the College Blvd. office is unlike any other!”

Dana Benjamin